Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Art Love - Duality

I am the sort of artist that everything I do has a meaning. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. Every painting I do, has an underlining meaning. It may not be visible or told but its there, So I have decided to tell some of these stories.
This particular painting was finished the summer of 2013. My husband Mike and I had a fantastic summer, camping, enjoying nature, building lots of campfires and eating lots of spider dogs and S'mores.
I would sit and stare into the beautiful campfire mesmerized by the dancing flames and my mind would wander into the weird and wonderful mind of an artist.
Monday would come and I would find myself sitting at a desk, typing typing typing and more typing. LOL.
I looked around and everyone was typing. I again wandered into my weird and wonderful artist mind and thought " All of us are SO much more than what we see and present to the world."
We live, love, feel joy, sadness, we dance under the moonlight, giggle till we can't catch our breath, cry so hard it feels like our hearts have broken.
 While I really like my job, I LOVE my life.
We all have such a "Duality" to us.
So this goddess gurl reminds me of that.
One side of her is purple and the other side is green. And somehow it works, this crazy wonderful duality of each and every one of us.
Art on my friends,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Goddess and Angel Gurls

Angel #1

As promised here are the angel and goddess gurls, for sale.
They are 5 for $20.00, Size A2 - 4.25 inches x 5.50 inches, they come with a envelope.
They have been professional printed on linen cardstock.This makes the print match the actual art,  like a the painting and reminds me of the watercolor that I begin all my paintings with.
I am also working on a calendar, there will be a goddess/angel gurl for each month, with the calendar part being hand made by me. The size would 8.50 inches by 11 inches , which does not include the calendar part. These would be $28.00. I would have to at least get 10 orders of these to do another print run, as the first run is ALL but sold, I have 8 more left. SO if you are interested in these let me know ASAP.

Shipping for the cards is $3.50 and for calendars is $5.00, I charge actual shipping cost.
Monies can be sent through paypal. My email is altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
The wonderful part you get to choose which angel/goddess gurls you want.
SO you can pick  5 different ones or you can have all the same, it does not matter.
Rocking cool eh?

Goddess #2
Goddess #5
If you are interested please email me - altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
To my art friends, I am always interested in a trade, only for the cards, as the calendars would be too costly .
Art on my lovies and Merry Christmas! And OHHHHHHHHHHH I make Christmas cards also, Crafty Artisans type. Very pretty. Let me know if you are interested in those as I can post some pics.

L. ANg

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deva Curl- "Calling all Curls" but NOT all gurls!

8 months ago i started using a product designed especially for us curly hair gurls. I really liked it, I liked it SO much i told everyone. Trust me, when i get excited over something I can be very persuasive! Early this month DEVA CURL, put out a call for Curly girls, in Niagara Falls. I was pretty excited I submitted my pictures of my hair and a week or so later I got a thanks but no thanks sorta email, we'll keep your picture on file.
and THEN yesterday on their facebook page, they posted another call, this one was alittle more specific.

A direct Quote:
"Could You Be the Next DevaCurl Top Model? DevaCurl seeks curly models for an upcoming, pro photoshoot in NYC. Selected talent to receive compensation, travel expenses, customized DevaCurl products and curly services by NY Guest Artists. REQUIREMENTS: Must be available November 11-13 and fit size 2-6 wardrobe. Please submit 3-5 photos of you and your curls to by Thursday, November 7th."

Can you imagine the reaction? A size 2-6 wardrobe. Loads and loads of comments came in.

Here are just a few.

"I never comment or post on here but the whole 2-6 sizing is disappointing to see coming from a company who claims to encourage natural. Though that size is natural for many it's not for all of us and even the fact that you'd post that is offensive" ~Ana~

Ya! I second that Danielle! What about us curvy girls?! U better rethink those sizes devacurl people!

"lol. my hair alone is bigger than a size 6!!"~Audrey~

"I Cannot believe this.... Now you are asking for a specific size!!!! Why??? You should be ashamed!!!!!! deva curl was introduced to me by my friend who is not a size u are asking about neither am i!!!!!!! She was all exited to submit her photos!!! She posted this on her facebook She has introduced your Products to the whole office. Now you insult her!!!! How dare you !! You should apologize etc!!!!!!!!!~Rita~

"Disappointed that this is only for size 2-6 ladies. What about us larger curly-haired ladies?"~Clara~

"Wow... Curly haired girls have struggled for years with their hair ... Now we have to think about size 2-6 ...agreed not nice!"~Kathryn~

"Just like hair comes in all shapes, so do the gals who are rockin' it. Come on Deva, you're better than this."~Colleen~

"Ya! I second that Danielle! What about us curvy girls?! U better rethink those sizes devacurl people!"~Carol~

" I am also extremely disappointed in the body size restriction that perpetuateske the notion that only a very small fraction of bodies, that in no way actually represents curlies realistically, are beautiful/ worth capturing"~Ellen~

" I'd totally do this but I don't fit those sizes. If I am a curly HAIR model why the size restrictions? I am more representative of the majority than a size 2-6 person. No offense meant to thin women but this is very upsetting. I only use Deva products "~Rennie~

"Yeah, don't discriminate against those of us who may be a little bigger!"~Candy~

Now these are the ones my friends and I captured on our phones, prior to DEVA - don't want no big gurls, CURL , taking down the Facebook Post.


"Diversity is a DevaCurl priority and one that will be well reflected across all our brand communications. This is just the first of several professional photoshoots planned for 2013/2014."~DevaCurl~


"Fret not, Curly Girls! Please know, we value and welcome the views and opinions of the collective curl community and want the conversation to continue. Diversity is a DevaCurl priority and one that will be well reflected across all our brand communications. This is just the first of several professional photoshoots planned for 2013/2014."~DevaCurl~

My response: FRET NOT?????????????? Do we look like children to you? You speak as if we should be patted on our heads and everything will just go away, we will be satisfied. I can well imagine there are alot of women who are totally disgusted by you, by the perpetuation of this sterotype of "Who is beautiful?" I think you owe alot of us an apology.
Society has a lovely way of trying to put all of us women in this little bitty tiny box, as i read online "Dont' try to think outside the box, Understand that there is NO box" So dear DevaCurl, stop trying to put us curly gurls in the box.

We have mothers and sisters and daughters and neices, AND we have husbands and fathers and sons and nephews that love us just as we are! By putting a number on who is accepted and who is not, it again tells society who is beautiful. DO you know that we have children ages FIVE that have body image issues. I am not asking you to change the world, but i am asking you to be the change. FRET NOT?????? Oh you have opened up a whole can of fretting, see its not just about this one show in New York. Its about a collective soul of women that YOU have offended.

You can take down the Facebook post, you can try some crowd control. However a whole group of us will not forget. And remember in the beginning when i said i can be very persuasive, if anyone ask me about DevaCurl I used to say how awesome the product was, now the first thing i will tell them is about how you are part of a societal problem, thinking inside the box.

This takes me to one more point, the trend setting show in Niagara Falls Canada, the one i politely got a no thank you, i wonder if i was not selected based on your idea of that 2-6 size.

Just makes me realize how small minded that post was.

Proudly no longer a DevaCurl gurl,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Never enough time

Today My furry friend Lucy died. My heart feels broken, but really its not. It has another crack in it.
It reminds me that there is never enough time, there was never enough time for me to give her all the love i felt for her.

The death of my son, and the death of my dear furry friend Sasha two yrs ago taught me, you only give one chance to witness the death of someone you love.

So as Lucy died i was holding her in my arms, as they shaved her little paw, and put the needle in she growled and hissed like her alter ego "Rattlesnake" I cradled her and told her to let them have it and to be a brave girl. I sang to her.

A song i have sung to her since she was 8 weeks old

Mamas gonna buy you a diamond ring and if that diamond won't shine.

Mamas gonna buy you the sun in the sky,

And if that sun don't shine,

Mamas gonna buy you the stars and the moon.

I sang it and sang it, i told her How i was so lucky to be her mama, how she had healed parts of my brokeness. I told her she was going to be reunited with Sasha her BFF (best furry friend). I thanked her. The ride to the vet she purred and purred, something she had not done for weeks.

I want to share with the lyrics for Marc Anthony New song, the salsa version

VIVIR MI VIDA (LIVE MY LIFE) - The song is in Spanish so here is the translation

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

[I'm gonna] live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy

live my life, la, la, la, la

Sometimes rain comes

to clean wounds

Sometimes just a drop

can overcome the drought

And why cry, for what?

If it hurts bad, forget it

And why suffer, for what?

If life is like this, you must live it

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy

live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna live in the moment

to understand the fate

I'm gonna listen in silence

to find the way

And why cry, for what?

If it hurts bad, forget it

And why suffer, for what?

If it hurts bad, forget it

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy

live my life, la, la, la, la

My people!

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

Why mourn? Why suffer?

Start dreaming, laughing

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

Feel and dance and enjoy,

you only live once

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance

Live, always keep moving forward

Don't look back

My people, you only live once

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance
live my life, la, la, la, la

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy

live my life, la, la, la, la

So my friends, connect with one another, there really is never enough time. Connect with your loved ones, connect with yourself.
Really thats all there is in this life and to be honest its all too short.

Love, ANg

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Return to Zero

Please click on link to make the pledge
My name is Angie or as most of  my online friends know me, ANg, my mom and dad call me daughter, my sister, calls me sissypoo, my neices and nephews call me Aunt Geegee. My husband calls me, mama, sweets, lover girl, friend and Ang.

My son, calls me Mama, He is on the other side. He died October 22, 2001, almost 12 years ago.  His name is Andrew.

Somewhere along the line of being a bereaved mama, i have become an activist, an educator.

I talk to social workers, i talk to doctors, i speak at work about my experience and have met so many women that are battling the death of their child and trying to incorporate that into their lives. This week i had the honor of listening to the story of a woman who is exploring the possiblity she may have permanent infertility.

Somehow or another we have stopped telling our story as a societal whole.
And if we tell our story, mine is 12 yrs in the making then i must not be "getting over the death of Andrew:" or i must not have found "closure".

Please know love does not get over, love does not find closure.
Love goes on and on and on, even in death.

There is movie called "Return to Zero" It is about "RETURN TO ZERO is based on the true story of a successful couple preparing for the arrival of their first child. Just weeks before their due date they discover that their son has died in the womb and will be stillborn. Lives and relationship forever altered by the loss, they try to cope through denial, escape and alcohol, but nothing can save their marriage. And that's when they discover that they're again pregnant (from a last ditch 'save the marriage' getaway to Las Vegas), and must come together to face a turbulent and terrifying pregnancy" ~

I have become a local leader and all that means is i have pledged to spread the word about this film. Breaking open the societal silence. I am asking each of you to pledge to see the movie if it should come to your hometown and please please when pledging use my name as the local leader you are under. This requires a quick name address etc, no money is involed just you pledge to see this film.
Imagine the compassion you will learn. Please in memory of every little boy and girl who have died and the families left behind, please sign the pledge, by doing so it could possibly be shown in all theaters.

"Ang Westermann"
Here is the link - RETURN TO ZERO


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

And Furthermore!

Hi my lovelies! Remember last week i wrote a post about SHAMED BY SOCIETY- FREE TO BE ME

Then I saw this video REAL BEAUTY DOVE SKETCHES -  A video designed and with the intention of having women celebrate their own beauty.

And of course it led me to DO THEY EVEN KNOW REAL BEAUTY?

I just want to add there is this misconception that if a woman has acceptance for her body, especially if she is fat, then she has to be unhealthy and is promoting being unhealthy. Its not the same thing! Its a basic human right to be treated with respect, fat, skinny, tall, short etc. Its ok to give thyself permission to love your body . PERIOD END!
So today, this moment in time give yourself permission for self love, for body image love, give your body a hug everyday from YOU.

TONIGHT  I found the most awesome site  THE BODY IMAGE PROJECT.

What follows are  DIRECT Quotes  from "The Body Image Project" I could not have said it better, Jes you are a hero!

"Body Image(s)" is a photography series by Jes of JSPhotography that showcases the many sizes, shapes, and shades of beauty.

We often lose ourselves within the concept that the ideal body image is unilateral; that it excludes all save a few. The reality is though, that when you step away from societal norms, you start to see that “ideal” is relative and that beauty is ubiquitous. There is no “right” or “wrong” shape or size; Kate Moss is just as stunning as the “Venus of Willendorf” and vice a versa . This is not a personal opinion, but rather a fact.

By photographing the diversity of the female body, Jes' hopes were to empower women by embracing all beauty and educating others while eradicating exclusivity.  Wondering if she could gather a dozen volunteers to bare their skin, she was overwhelmed when her mailbox filled with women willing to embrace body acceptance and self love.

This series has turned into a two way gift. A gift to the photographer, as the models donated their time and offered an intimate invitation to be photographed, and a gift from the photographer as the images were given to each model as visual proof of their exquisiteness. Each session was lovely, but as they progressed, Jes noticed that each woman left with a renewed self-confidence. This, she felt, was the greatest outcome she could have hoped for.

This project is still living, breathing, and growing so check back regularly for new images"

To all my woman friends, I am hugging each of you.

Enchanted Once Again

I love anything to do with the Fairy Realm.

This card is again a celebration of a fairy and the enchantment of them.

Take a piece of watercolor paper, mix together blue and purple Watercolor paints
Wet the entire piece of paper and drop in the colors of paints and while the paint is wet, sprinkle salt in the wet salt.
Let it dry and then rub the salt off. Then stamp the images using any kind of dark black pigment ink. I find the pigment ink much darker
Embellish with some stickers (flowers are outline stickers) Color in with coloured pencils.
  I just love to embellish cards.
Always remember to be enchanted by life, find wonderful moments to make you smile.

Art on my fairy friends,
ANg  -

Here are the stamps I used

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shame induced by Society - Free to be Me

I came across an article this week on FaceBook. Mocking a Fat Person, its about a Fat girl who set up with a friend and had that friend take pictures of people looking at her. Its a really interesting article, its about how people look at a Fat person and feel entitled to make faces, say things, and or make gestures concerning " FATNESS".  There is over 200 comments, which are just as interesting to read.
Some of them include -"'Projection"   She is "projecting" what she thinks others are thinking about her."
Some go on tirades about how a fat person is unhealthy and delusional in thinking that she could not be even remotely or possibly happy or healthy being fat. ETC. ETC.

Personally, I have had people blantantly make fun of me, as i am a fat woman.
I have had my husband witness it, I have had my sister and her husband and my nieces and nephews witness it.  Old men have made gestures, young kids have laughed at me, group of young adult boys have said awful things to me. And i certainly was not projecting, I knew and anyone around me knew what they were referring to.
What always surprises me is that why do these people think they have the right to bully me?
When it has happened it has produced feelings of guilt and shame. Society has a lovely way of doing that.

This young woman has taken that shame and turned her response around to creatively starting a world wide web of conversation.

So i am going to talk about this. As a fat girl i have the right to be on this earth, much like a skinny girl, much like an Indian person who has dark skin. I have the  right to live and breathe the same air as anyone else.
Much like a grieving person, they have the right to grieve exactly as they need to, without shame, guilt, fear of judgement etc. People are people, they are different, individual and yet we ALL belong here.

Lets make a conscious decision together, ok?  Enjoy our differences, Embrace each other just as we are.
It will change your life, and it will change the world.

The above art piece was created by me, its called "Free to be Me" It was in an exhibit here in Ontario, celebrating the 100 annversary of the 'International Womens Day"
The curator told me a story of a class that made a trip to view the 100 paintings.
They were between the ages of 8-12. One little boy called the curator over and said someone had written on my painting. I don't think you can see it, but on her green shirt i wrote the word "BELLY", and painted an arrow pointing to her belly.
The reason i did this was to bring attention to an area that causes alot of shame for women. Our bellies.
Oh the shame of this eh?
We rock our babies on our bellies, our lovers lay their head on our belly after sweet lovemaking.
Our bodies are sacred, Every little or BIG part of them.
Lets promote love and honour for each other.
Its really important.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Collecting Loss

I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you who took the time to answer my questions around "Bereaved Parents Rights" I really appreciate your honesty and bravery.

Here is another way in which I continued to be a mama to my son, Andrew. See, I don't believe in closure, I don't believe because he died, i ceased to be his mother and i should just "get over him"
I do believe that my entire life and beyond i will be his mama. And in this big ole crazy world I finally got something right. Him.

I believe it was back in 2007, a call went out, I somehow found it, not really sure how, probably a link that someone posted but it was called "Collecting Loss"
Two wonderful ladies invited people to send in clothing from their deceased. They then took each piece of clothing and sewed it into something else, shirts, skirts, a teddy bear.

"This project is being created with the intentions to:
Preserve and honour memories;
Provide a visual and verbal gathering place for grief;
Explore change by weaving individual threads of cloth and story into shared fabric;
Offer healing, education and stimulation of dialogue around death of a loved one."
I sent in Andrews onesie.

It is now 2013 and the exhibit went live in Toronto 2012, I unfortunately was not able to attend.
Mike was going through exams and I could not go alone.
One of these days of will purchase the book, i just found out there was one.

Here is - Andrews onesie and a letter from me.
Here is - The official link
And here is the - Sharing my Story.
L. ANg

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fairy Realm

I love anything to do with the Fairy Realm.

This card is again a celebration of a fairy and the enchantment of them.

Take a piece of watercolor paper, mix together some Blue and a wee bit of black, have a little army green on the side, I am talking about Watercolor paints.
Wet the entire piece of paper and drop in the colors of paints and while the paint is wet, sprinkle salt in the wet salt.
Let it dry and then rub the salt off.
The stamp the images using any kind of dark black pigment ink. I find it much darker.
Add a piece of ribbon . I just love to embellish cards. Add a small gold brad and a lovely layered card is born
Always remember to be enchanted by life, find wonderful moments to make you smile.

Art on my fairy friends,

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Discussion Time- Bereaved Parents Rights

Baby Andrew and his Mama holding hands
Oct 22, 2001
I am taking a certification online it is the  Creative Grief Coaching Certification. It is a course that is taught by  Experiential learning which is the process of making meaning from direct experience, i.e., "learning from experience".  In relation to that kind of learning a huge part of the whole process is Reflection, through the Refection, my own grief is being examined.
So lets start at the beginning, October 22, 2001 my son was born 22 wks gestation. He died shortly thereafter in my arms.
His name is Andrew Joseph.
Here I am 11 1/2 yrs later taking this course. A lot of learning, a lot of thinking, re-thinking and reflection is happening.

I am posting this discussion on my blog and I need your help. I hope to understand through the answers I receive to understand and know the fears or misconceptions or even truths that come from this discussion. Remember this is how you feel, the only thing I need from you is A. the truth and B. to be respectful, if someone post something that you do not agree with this is not forum for bitter arguing, it is the place for discussion and learning from each other.

 All over the world babies die at birth. Afterwards parents are stunned, shocked and grieving. When a baby dies gestationally 20 wks or more these parents are required by law to bury that baby, by cremation or burial.

Many forms of funerals happen or even no funeral happens.

This is my question.
What if the parents want to take the baby home?
I can think of several reasons.
Maybe to spend time with the baby alone, in a place of love and not a sterile hospital or a funeral home.
Maybe to have a home funeral.
Perhaps the parents want to take the baby home to meet pets.
Maybe to give the parents a time to parent that baby at home, to make memories and to soul connect without strangers around.
Maybe the funeral they want to create is non conventional, one they want to plan and to happen at home.

Dead babies do go home, for these reasons and many more.
It happens all over the world.
BUT in some places it is not happening, mostly because in the deepest darkest moments grieving parents don't even realize they can. Nurses, doctors,social workers, the ones who have been given the job of holding the hearts of grieving  parents do not recognize this as an option. So parents are never given the chance to make that decision. Fear fuels this.

How do you feel about moms and dads who want to take their baby home? Does this scare you? What are your fears? Concerns? Do you see this as an option that moms and dads should have?
Would you go to a home funeral?

I need to know what you are thinking. I am wanting to advocate for this and knowing what  discussions, thoughts and questions  that may come back at me. would help me tremendously.
Please be honest, please don't write what you think I want to hear. Write from your heart. I will hear you, and I will honour where you are, without judgement. Please be brave and help me.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Enchanted by the Moon.

HI! My project today is one of my favs, i made a whole card set which i will share my over my next few post.

The one today is

Pretty Moon and Fairy stamp, along with the Enchanted Stamp.

Here is the link to the "Fairy on Moon" and to "Enchanted".

The background was made using 140lb watercolour paper using ShinHan Tube Watercolous.

Using a wet brush cover the entire piece of paper, let it sit for just about 45 seconds and then dip your brush into the watercolour and begin dropping colour onto the paper. Letting the watercolour paints fluidly move and blend.
I then stamped my chosen stamps using Stazon Ink.
I then used my prisma coloured pencil to add shadows and colour to the card.

Honestly stamp art is easy, just have fun and play!
L. ANg

Monday, March 04, 2013


I think like everyone, I am ready for spring. I am ready for the gorgeous flowers that smile at me everyday.

I am one of those goddess women who believe in fairies and sparkles and smiles.

So when i came across this most awesome stamp I went literally all warm and fuzzy.

Yummy eh?

I created a couple of pretty cards.
My favorite this one.

And its super simple to make. The butterfly is an outline sticker. Place the outline sticker on a piece of watercolour paper.
Get out your favorite watercolours; twinkling H20's, Peerless Watercolour, Pencils etc.
Choose your favorite colours, using a brush wet the paper, and then start adding the colours, they will mix and blend together. Let it dry and then i used Prisma pencils to accent the butterfly.
Then i stamped "Enchanted"with a black dye ink, on a small piece of watercolour paper, and painted it to compliment the larger area.
Attach to a card and you have a lovely card.
Take care my art friends

Monday, February 04, 2013

Create Peace

Art by ANg coming to you from her new lazy boy recliner!

I love the color combination of pinks and browns. So when I found this AWESOME stamp, patterned heart  and this CREATE PEACE at my favorite stamping store VLVS I just knew I could create something very pretty.

 I am just tickled pink! I love how they turned out!

1. Select the colors you want. I used a bronze/brown cardstock, pink cardstock, and some sticky back fabric. (From  DCWV - Die Cuts With A View)
2. I selected the papers I wanted as my focus, rubberstamped the Patterned heart Stamp with Timber Brown Stazon.
3. If you notice it created a very subtle look. I wanted it like that. So that I could accent the parts of the stamps by using Prisma colored pencils .
4. "Create Peace " was stamped on each card.
5. Layering - Your Base card, a layer of pink cardstock, patterend paper, base color again, switch it up, use those little pieces of paper that are left over.
6. Attach some pretty brads, to accent.
7. Embellish - I used some pretty pink flowers to embellish the cards. I bought some Mica Flakes by Stampendous. OMGosh! These are super pretty. Use any glossy varnish/medium/glue and put a small amount on your card and then sprinkle the Mica Flakes in the glue. Let it dry. I even used pretty ribbon.
Cards are perfect for those embellishments that you only have a few of.

I used MIRACLE TAPE to attach the layers.

I used the following stamps :
Patterned Heart

Here  is the link for the Patterned Heart.
Here is the link for the Create Peace.
Here is the link for the Ribbon.

Art on my friends.

P.S. These cards are available to at a very affordable cost! Each one of them are handcrafted by me.
They come with a pretty envelope stamped with the same Patterned heart.
Leave me a comment if interested, the set is 22.00. Postage is extra.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goddess Sparkle

OK I am going to say I had SO much fun making this. I was so inspired by the awesome and crazy Mark Montano, he put up a tutorial on altered cans. Hmmmmm, my wheels starting turning....I am starting a new job Monday, Its with the same company BUT its a new job.
So i wanted to create something pretty to put on my desk.
What FUN!

Close up


So lets get started:
SIDE NOTE: The first stamp " Listening Hearts Hear Angels Sing" is not a Viva LasVegaStamp, however it is on their site under other companies.
The stamp can be located HERE
For my 2nd Post of January I will showcasing the same stamp, but HEY! its the most awesome stamp.

Here is VIVA LAS VEGASTAMPS website and see for yourself all the other awesome sayings.

1. Rinsed out soup can. Or any other can you have, drink mix can, vegetable can.
2. Rubber stamp of your CHOICE.
3. I selected favorite poems that spoke to me.
4. PaperFlowers
5. Ribbons
6. Brads
7. Inks,Sprays or Paints you love. I used twinkling H2o's and Radiant pearls and some Mica Mixers
(FYI- Here is a tutorial on how to make the ALTERED PAPERFLOWER.)
9. Scrapbook Paper
10. Embellishments: Charms, buttons,glitter etc
11. Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

1. Select your pretty Scrapbook Paper. Cut it to fit around the can. Put Miracle tape on the backside of the paper, i put it one the entire piece. Thats what I LOVE about Miracle Tape, it comes in Sheets!
At this point make your Altered PaperFlowers and let them dry.
2. Attach it around the outside of your can. The inside of my can, I put a few drops of Alcohol Inks in there and let it swish around. Mark Montano spray painted his.
3. I then selected poems, there was two that really spoke to me, because I am careful with copyrights, I also cut out the author of the poem and put it with the poem. I used Miracle Tape to put these on the can.
It sounds super easy and it is, placement took me forever as to me composition is very important to a piece, it has to be pleasing to my eye.
4.Stamp your sentiments on a piece of Scrapbook Paper. Attach to the top and each side of the can.
5. Now its time to use your sprays and inks or really whatever you want to use.
I chose my color scheme and just started spraying. It didn't think, i just wanted color, i wanted sparkle. I wanted this to inspire me at my new job.
6. I attached my flowers, and used some pretty ribbon to highlight the flower. Its ALL in the details, the brads in the middle of the flowers match and then it seems a little dark to me, SO i chose some green ribbon to compliment the purple.
FYI- Anytime i accidently misjudged the tape and it hung over so therefore it was a sticky place on my art, just sprinkle some glitter.
7. Well if you have ever worked in an office, you know how easy pencils and pens walk off a desk. SO hmmmfph NO ONE is going to get away with taking my pencils LOL I even decorated them!!!!
My desk is going to look so Sparkily Goddess Love Shiney Glittery, its going to be full of great energy.

Take care my art friends.
I SO love all the inspiration on this blog. I don't comment like I should, I am a rebel sometimes, I don't mean to it just happens, But I admire each of you.
SO this is dedicated to ALL of you. And the poem I used on my can is located here, Let me know if it speaks to you, as much as it did to me


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shine Brave Goddess

HI my arty friends,

Building on my last post of COOPER STAMPING and ALTERING PAPERFLOWERS , we are going to put it all together to create what I call my "SHINE BRAVE GODDESS. 2013 IS GOING TO BE A VERY IMPORTANT YEAR FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to SHINE, I am going to be Brave and I am going to manifest all of this through my Goddess Work.

OKAY on to the project:

This is with different lighting, so you can see it changes as you look at it, as the sun or light plays on the art.

OH MY GOODNESS! Isn't she pretty?
Its an altered piece of Matboard. It can be framed or I could put a nice ribbon on it and hang it.
Rubber StampS of your choice. I selected WOMAN IN REPOSE I also used some pretty floral border stamps and some alphabet stamps. I do not have links to these as I long ago lost the packaging.
Copper Sheets
StazOn Black Inkpad
Black Sharpie
Pretty ScrapBook Paper.

FUN Tutorial

Please refer to the top of this post on how to Copper Stamp and How to create the Altered PaperFlowers.

1. The Matboard measure 5x7, the piece of scrapbook paper measure i/4 inch smaller all of way around and the Copper another 1/4 inch smaller all the way around.
Cut out all these pieces.
2. Emboss Copper using any embossing method you want, whether its by machine or hand embossing, both of these methods are called dry embossing.  For this particular embossing I used my Sizzix machine and my CuttleBug embossing folders. What this does is once embossed and I begin the Copper Heating it will give the colours lights and darks that will fall into the valleys of the embossing. YUM!
Step 2- Emboss (dry)
3. Being Copper Heating - Copper Heating is fun to play with. WARNING: It's a conductor of heat, so be very careful when heating it up, always use tongs to hold the sheet. Hold the copper sheet with a pair of tongs, hold the sheet approx 1 1/2 - 2 inches, away from the flame. I used my stove flame. As the copper heats up, the copper miraculously changes colours. You will see lovely colours of gold, oranges , reds and pinks. It truly is gorgeous to see! This will happen rather quickly. 20 seconds at the most. Once you see the color start to change, stop. You will be tempted to continue, however if you see the Copper becoming washed out, almost silver really STOP! Really! Trust me, it won't be as pretty.Let it cool.
4. Stamp your image into the center of the Copper.
Close-up of the Pretty Copper Heating.
5. Make a pretty Altered PaperFlower- Again the link is at the beginning of this post.
6. Then I took a black Sharpie and painted along the edges and corners, immediately smearing the ink into the embossed areas. I wanted an aged look. I had to do this several times to build up the layers to achieve the look you want.
7. If you notice I rubberstamped The Words Shine Brave Goddess with StazOn Black Ink
"GODDESS" stamping
8.Tape the scrapbook Paper to the Matboard, rubber stamp some pretty flowers along the border
9. I then cut a small strip of Cooled Heated Copper and attached it to the right side on the Copper Sheet using MIRACLE TAPE and pretty brads.
10.Position the Pretty Altered PaperFlower to the left top corner, put a pretty brad in each corner.
11.Attached the copper to the Scrapbook Paper using MIRACLE TAPE

Art on my friends,
L. ANg

ATC - Copper Stamping

Hi my arty friends!

I am loving 2013. SO much to do and see and experience. Eh?

I wanted to share a fun ATC (Artist Trading Card) I made this week.

Angel of Joy

ATC Close up
Pretty eh?

Here are the fun and easy steps to creating this little masterpiece.

1. Gather your supplies -
a. ATC base which measure 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (I used a chipboard base from CRESCENT.
b. piece of copper sheeting COPPER LINK
c. black paint, any brand will do
d. flame of some source, I used a lighter,other sources could include your burner on your stove, a long lighter you use on your BBQ, a match.
e. Your favorite rubber stamp. I selected a Dawn Houser Stamp. (I am unable to find the link, as its an old stamp and i Believe retired.
f.  Your favorite embellishments, for this card I selected a pretty sparkily brad and a feather.
2. The ATC base I had at home was white so i wanted it black, I just painted it black and while it was drying I went onto the Copper Heating.
3. I cut my Copper Sheet slightly smaller than my ATC base.
Copper Heating is fun to play with. WARNING: It's a conductor of heat, so be very careful when heating it up, always use tongs to hold the sheet. Hold the copper sheet with a pair of tongs, hold the sheet approx 1 1/2 - 2 inches, away from the flame. I used my stove flame. As the copper heats up, the copper miraculously changes colours. You will see lovely colours of gold, oranges , reds and pinks. It truly is gorgeous to see! This will happen rather quickly. 20 seconds at the most. Once you see the color start to change, stop. You will be tempted to continue, however look at the pic below, see the right side, WELL thats heated a bit too long. It still looks pretty cool, and I love the Serendipity of the changing colors. Let it cool.
GORGEOUS rainbow colours.
4. I then applied the Black StazOn to my rubber stamp and then stamped it onto the Copper. Side note: StazOn is a permanent ink, so its really good for non porous surfaces, its a perfect choice for stamping on Copper. Make sure your ink pad is nice and juicy, once you make contact with your inkpad and stamp, if the area is not black within a few pouncing motions, then it is time to re ink your pad. Don't over ink. Nice, Easy pressure when stamping. Don't push hard, smooshing the stamp , it will distort the image.
the5. Its time to make this ATC - Artist Trading Card, POP! I embossed the copper with my CUTTLEBUG.
I selected a folder that had viines and scrolls and birds, it flowed with the Goddess Stamp and her wings.
The impression were quite deep and pretty.
6. Then I took a black Sharpie and painted along the edges and corners, immediately smearing the ink. I wanted an aged look. I had to do this several times to build up the layers to achieve the look you want.
7. Along the left hand side I stamped the word "JOY" Use the font set you like!
8. Copper cuts easily, just be careful, I used my big Fiskar scissors. I cut a small rectangle, embossed that with the same pattern as the ATC.
9. I then arranged the small rectangle and a small feather and attached to the stamped Copper using a glitter brad.
10. Last but not least I needed to attach the Copper to my ATC base. I really wanted something that I could trust and knew it would stick.
MIRACLE TAPE! I can't say enough about this tape. It creates a permanent bond for layered art work.
COPPER stamping is just beautiful as each time you heat copper up you never know what patterns will occur.
This is a fun and relaxing technique. Leave me a comment if you decide to try it. I would love to see your artistic creations.

Art on!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 and Altering Paper Flowers

WOW 2013 has been an interesting year already. I am SO excited and have so much news to share with you.

This year beginning in February I will be taking GRIEF COACHING CERTIFICATION . OMG! I am beyond excited.

I am also enrolled in some art courses. One of them dollmaking. YIPS and SQUEALS!

And i am busy applying to a couple of Design Teams, I am finding I am really loving the inspiration that flows through a team.

Alot of wonderful and fun energy flowing around me.

There is so much more. I will save that for another time.

Onward to a wonderful art tutorial.

I love Paper Flowers. However I don't always have the colors I need or want.

As a mixed media artist the wonderful notion is that I have ALL the supplies to make them any colors I want.

Gorgeous eh?

And its really alot of fun and pretty easy.

Get our your favorite Paper Flowers,I started out with a Country Blue color. they can be bought anywhere, including the dollar tree now and days,

For these particular ones, I gave them a nice even quick Spritz of the Cadillac Pink

Let it dry completely.

Now start to play with some Mica powder, there are lots of different powders. To be honest my favorite is Pearl EX  and I bought some awesome glitter Makeup, mixed it with any kind of glaze. . YES its that easy.
Add a pretty brad and ribbon and you have gorgeous embellishments for your next Mixed media Art.

Stay tuned as soon I will have a pretty nifty mixed media piece of fun using my "Altered Paper Flowers."

Other ideas. Paint with the Lacquer, once dry use Alcohol Inks to paint the flowers.
Dry brush acrylic paint onto the petals. Get out all that fun glitter.
Its ALL about the glimmer for me.
Ink Sprays, watercolor paint, and any oyher lovely wet medium can be used.

Use that wonderful Cratfy imagination!
Art on,

Saturday, January 05, 2013


HI my arty smarty friends! Isn't life grand? I love that this is 2013. 13 is my lucky number so I am excited for this year.

I have plans, goals and dreams!

Which leads me into my project.

I created it for a contest. (I didn't win, nope I didn't LOL)

HOWEVER isn't it the bomb?

And of course Viva LasVegaStamps is the greatest and was included in this work of art.

Here is a close up of the most awesome stamp, it truly spoke to me from the moment I saw it.

The stamp can be located HERE

For the sign, i painted it with twinkling H20's and painted some chunky glitter on it. I mean really easy. It doesn't take much make a piece of art and take it to another level.

Art to me has meaning, and I hope you "DON'T LET ANYONE EVER DULL YOUR SPARKLE!"

I also wanted to talk alittle about something else......

Miracle tape or in the instance MIRACLE SHEETS

On the angel tree the oval medallions I had to attach the angel art, which was created on a mixed media paper, onto the lazer ovals, So i traced the oval onto the Miracle Tape Sheets and cut out and attached to the ovals and then attached the angel art.

It HOLDS and I do mean TIGHT! I am a tape snob, I want it to stick. And trust me this does stick. And its relatively inexpensive.

So try it I am sure you will like it.