Thursday, August 23, 2012

ANgel of the Moment

Yesterday was a day of revelations. My dad was riding his bike one moment , the next moment he remembers he is laying on a gurney waiting for the helicopter to fly him to a shock trauma hospital, over an hr away. He was hit by a truck. I am 10 hrs away. Its a scary time to know a loved one is hurting and there is nothing I can do. He is ok. traumatized, brusied, scared and alive and home. I talked to him this morning, its like he said "One moment, thats all it takes." So my newest heart angel is called the "Angel of the Moment." She began with a heart that is shaped with tissue paper and lace. Paint was swished and splattered and once dried, the angel image appears.
Isn't she sweet? Art helped me through yesterday. She is for sale. Its my going home for Christmas fund, if interested please contact me , leave a comment. $175.00 and postage. Art on, ANg Size : 12inches by 24 inches, Mixed media heart angel painting. Fluid acrylics, derwent inktense, collage, stencil art, twinkling H2O's, ribbon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Creative PaperClay TIPS

Creative Paperclay is alot of fun to play and experiment with! Here is what i did yesterday. Grabbed my fav supplies, pretty rubber stamps and Creative Paperclay.
I impressed the rubberstamp into the clay, using water as a release. What this mean is rub a small bit of water over the entire stamp, once impressed into the clay it will come out easier. While the clay was moist I gently cut out the butterfly. TIP: WHILE THE CLAY IS MOIST PINCH AND GENTLY MOLD THE BUTTERFLY WINGS, SO WHEN THEY DRY THEY HAVE A DIMENSIONAL LOOK TO THEM. IT MAKES THE WINGS LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE JUST LANDED!
Once painted these will look really pretty and dimensional. The finished project is for later this month. STAY TUNED. Art on, ANg

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Heart Angel Series

I have begun a new series of paintings. They are called the Heart angel Series. I start with a textural heart shape.
Can you see fainting the heart shape? The Heart is made with tissue paper folded and scrunched over and over and then glued with gel medium. I then choose my colors i want to use and randomly, with lots of water i start splashing it on there, letting the paint drip and flow. This part is important, i tried not to control it just letting it emerge the way it needs to. Down at the bottom i made sure the paint was wet and I scrunched up a shopping bag , you know the kind we are now having to PAY 5 cents for? Yes those! Now some artist use wax paper or plastic wrap. I did not have either of these so remember to use what you have!!!!!!
Isn't that SO cool looking? Now the next part i can't show you, as the angel appeared the next morning. I honestly am telling you, she was there, it made MY heart happy. And so began this journey of HEART Angels!
Isn't she pretty?
There is loads of textures, pretty little stars (fallen straight from the heavens above) and crystals to adorn her halo. Want one of your own? Leave me a comment, lets start a convo. She measures 12x24 inch. Cost : ON SALE 150.00 Canadian plus shipping. (I charge actual post, NO hidden fees) Art on sistahs! L. ANg