Friday, September 28, 2012

BLOG Hop- I "heart" skulls

Creative PaperClay
and Amazing Mold Putty
are having a Party!!! And YOU are invited.

Lots of love and inspiration happening, Here is a list of the awesome artists coming together to enjoy these wonderful products!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine so much inspiration. (click on each name to be taken to their blog.

Here is my little bit of love inspiration.

So the theme is Harvest. As i thought about fall i began thinking about my favorite part of the Fall season. Halloween and my love of skulls. For they have a very personal meaning to me. So to me, I made a connection HARVEST-FALL-HALLOWEEN-SKULLS.

We were given some Amazing Mold Putty, i was quite skeptical. WAS is the important part of that sentence. OMG, you take each parts of the Amazing Mold Putty smoosh it together for a quick 15 to 20 seconds (NO longer as it will set and then be no good)
Find something you want to make a mold of, for me it was this awesome little heart locket.

SO small but it worked, i am always wanting a very small heart. Once you have the Putty mixed up immediately press it into your object and mold it up and around. Let it set for about 15 minutes, pop it out and then voila your have a mold.

It really is quite an AMAZING product.

So my other passion is ATC's. Artist trading cards! BTW I have over 3000!

So i rolled out a sheet of Creative PaperClay (I utterly adore this clay!) to the size of an Artist Trading Card, which is 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. I pressed some of my favorite rubber stamps into the clay, this time it was a heart scroll and a skullie.

Let it dry! I usually let mine dry overnight and once it dries i then iron it flat, it does curl alittle. I then painted it with some Crystal Lacquer. That makes it non porous, which is what i want for my project.

Then let the painting begin! I squirted some Alcohol Inks on it, played around with some Rub N Buff, Highlighted with some White Paint and some Sakura Souffle pens.

The key for me is layers.

That little heart i made from my mold i put right in the middle of the card. It was a perfect addition to my ATC.
I added some Martha Stewart chunk glitter and a few star sequins.

Lets just say i LOVE my card.
I hope this inspires you.

PLEASE visit the other blogs and say hi and i believe on the AMAZING MOLD PUTTY BLOG there is a voting for the art project with the most votes.

Art on,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More HeArt

Art to me is very personal. Hearts show up as a way to tell the world via art how I am feeling. Today I am feeling, hmmmmm melancholy. Melancholy- A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness So here is my little bound up heart
A little blue heart, Creative Paperclay® is awesome in that you can use it to express feelings, happy or sad, this heart was created by rolling out a small ball and then pressed down to the depth I wanted it, this is about 1/8 of inch and then using a cookie cutter, just like you would if you were cutting out cookies. ~*Remember.....Do not use equipment on food after you have used it on the clay!~** I then painted it using blue metallic paint by Jaquard, and distressed using a awl or whatever sharp thing you have. (this is all done after the clay has dried) I punched some holes in the clay and laced it up with some twine i had. Here is a pic of a piece of clay dried and then punched with a hole. This is to show it does not crack! You can punch holes in it. Its not a brittle clay.
I hope you create some HeArt! ANg

Friday, September 14, 2012

“Viva Las VegaStamps! DT Tryout”.

Representing myself...... How does one in a short amount of time and space, represent? How do I tell this company how passionate I am about art? How do I really tell them art saved my life, therefore I create straight from my heart. Well I guess I just show them my style. And even that....hmmmmm But here is goes anyways
This small (1 1/2 inches by 1 inch) opens up to a become a star, thus the name "Starbook". It has rubber stamped "Art" on the front, and you can't tell but the butterfly has Tim Holtz "Rock Candy" on it, to give it lots of textures. There is also lots of distressing going on here.
This greeting card, has SO many layers, most of the stamping was done using the Letraset Aquamarkers, (YUMYY!) there is heat embossing, metal embossing, Cheery Lane Design - die cuts, brads, stickers, tag, distressing with ink pads also~! SO multi-layered!
Last but not least is a hand drawn little sun nymph. I included this one because i wanted to show that rubber stamping is ART! The sun stamped diamond is stamped with a permanent ink, and then i sewed a small pillow. It was stamped on Tyvek, and then dyed with twinkling H2Os! WHEW! I hope I am selected. Art on my friends, ANg