Friday, December 02, 2011

Its giving time

Hi everyone!

Its that time of the year, Christmas.
Its the time when lots of hearts open more, giving gifts, getting together with family and friends and just an all around great time.

I have been inspired by Mal Pearson to host a little giveaway of my own.

What shall it be???? HMMMMMMM.......

How about one of my handmade handdyed Silk Fusion Clutches. The one i have almost finished is of a lovely deep sea blue with threads of sunshine green.

Much like the one pictured however a different color.

I will pick a winner on Christmas day , please leave a comment and include a way to get in touch with you.


Thursday, December 01, 2011

MORE Starbooks!

Here are a few more i have made over the years, notice one i did , its miniature only inch by inch


Hi Ladies!!!!!! I am really excited about coming back to your art retreat. And am sure we will have just as much fun as the last time.

This year we will be making a Starbook. Its a handmade book, thats inspirational in nature, and when opened it looks like a star. You will be given instruction so you can make more when you go home. These books are so much arty fun. Ask some of the ladies at the Kindred Spirit Christmas in Paris, a few saw the finished book and were SO excited.
I am not sure what exact colors i will be providing as i still to purchase all the papers, but you can rest assured it will be beautiful.
They can used as small gifts, for pictures, a mini album, a christmas ornament decoration. I do hope you join me.

AWESOMELY cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cost of the kit is $30.00, i will provide everything.
If you have small scissors for cutting out small elements that would be wonderful.

I will provide gorgeous color coordinated paper, patterned paper and cardstock. Special sticky tape that makes this book very durable.
Rubber stamps, ink, mica powers, glitter pen, glazes, embossing powder, stickers, diecut machine for embossing and cutting. Anything a crafty artisian can ask for I will have it. Wish i could just pack up my whole art room!

Here are a couple of pictures.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

21 Secrets

We all have secrets. Secrets of the soul. Secret loves. And Secret art journals.
Whether it be techniques, passions or wishes, yup we all have them. How wonderful i stumbled upon 21 Secret blog post today.
I was outside actually working in my journal, or at least trying.
I felt stuck and blah and unhappy. And i felt ashamed, i have so much to be thankful for. WHAT is up with me???
So my secret......i don't have one today.
Yesterday i would have said my secret to journalling is get a really funky fun pen. Its always makes me feel like writing.
Today i just want all those scary monsters inside my head to go away.
L. ANg

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art and Life

HI everyone!!! Life of course has taken a lovely turn. And I am glad i can say its taken a lovely turn. I am now teaching at art workshops!!!! I have a gig in Paris Ontario this coming week-end. And another in March. Can you imagine???? Me teaching my passion. I am just so honored.

I have a painting thats going to be an exhibit called "100 Years - Internation Womens Day" In a gallery here in Ontario. That has been quite exciting.
100 Women from all over the World, celebrating what it means to be a woman.
The painting is called "Free to be Me" And to tell the truth what woman doesn't want to feel free to be whoever they want.

Along with that I have been making these adorable card sets. They have five cards, along with pretty embossed envelopes. They come in a wonderful little box. What an awesome gift for that someone you just don't know what to give to, or to a teacher, really just about anyone. I make them custom, thank you, birthday,thinking of you and just a little note. OR a mixture.
If anyone is interested they are only $18.00 USD.

I continue to make my silk wallets, and now have a huge array of colors.

I am a busy girl. Life is good

Art on sistahs!