Friday, December 02, 2011

Its giving time

Hi everyone!

Its that time of the year, Christmas.
Its the time when lots of hearts open more, giving gifts, getting together with family and friends and just an all around great time.

I have been inspired by Mal Pearson to host a little giveaway of my own.

What shall it be???? HMMMMMMM.......

How about one of my handmade handdyed Silk Fusion Clutches. The one i have almost finished is of a lovely deep sea blue with threads of sunshine green.

Much like the one pictured however a different color.

I will pick a winner on Christmas day , please leave a comment and include a way to get in touch with you.



Christine said...

Oh Angie... this is so sweet..I will definitely put my name in the continue to wow me with your art..much love.

Shirl said...

Ang it's so pretty! Great giveaway would love a chance to win! Find me on FB :)or

Sandra Strait said...

This clutch is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

Sandra Strait said...

Oops. Forgot my email. Sorry!

Beth Skipper said...

I would be honored to win this generous giveaway. Your work is lovely!


Bellatrix said...

Stunning! Happy Holidays to everyone! - Andrea

Rita A. said...

How beautiful. I would love to see one in person.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.. this is something new for you, yes? btw, I just posted my new jewelry line on FB.. go see ;)

I value your opinion, which you already know.. lol
Meran at thingie ghostman dottish com

Ashley =] said...

That clutch is absolutely beautiful! You are so talented, haha. I've recently become serious with art and all things like this inspire me! Here's my email

Cari said...

Wow! Very beautiful clutch and a very generous giveaway. Thank you.
craboin at

dragongourd said...

What a lovely thing to win in a drawing!!! So elegant. :-)

CindyJob said...

That clutch is *almost* too beautiful for the likes of me but I'd certainly love to have it in spite of that fact. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas! You're the best,
CIndy Jo