Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Painted Messenger Canvas Bags by Me . Interested in your very own???? Lets talk! And remember no matter what SHINE your own creative path Art on sistahs! L. ANg

Capacity to heal and love

Dec 20 2011 we said goodbye to our dear Sasha , our hearts grieved for our dear friend who unconditionally loved my husband for 15 yrs and loved me for 11 yrs.
The days leading up to her death, we knew it was our last days together.
That was really hard.
So for my first art project on the Creative PaperClay Design Team I am posting something VERY simple.
Its a simple project that will continue to touch our hearts for years to come.

Take a ball of Creative PaperClay , flatten out into a circle, Mine is about 2inches , take your little furry friend paw and press into the PaperClay. EASY! I then washed Sasha's paw really well with warm water and doggie shampoo, as i don't fully know the properties of the PaperClay and wanted to make sure Sasha was safe.
See i told you it was going to be simple. <3

I can honestly say my husband and i love this imprint of our friend who so strongly left a huge imprint on our hearts.

And just because our hearts have the capacity to heal and to love again I want to formally introduce
Bella, our new puppy, only 10 days old and SO much a part of hearts already.

Art does not have to be complicated, it only has to come from the heart!

L. ANg

The Balanced Heart Project

I have a collaboration happening with 4 amazing artist. I do hope you visit!



Friday, May 18, 2012

Bling It up

I have recently fallen in love with a company.
CHEERY LANE DESIGNS , to make a long story short, let me just say this!
I know this first hand!
So i decided to take part in a fun challenge, Bling it up!

SO here is the card i created. Using one of their embossing diecuts. D130


I just love layers.

And here is one more cards i did, again inspired by the challenge.

 Another pretty one eh?

Art on sistahs!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is there a Mothers Day in Heaven

Measures approx 6x6 on foam board

Fairy Images, focal image a print of my own art

Today a close friend of our family said "Hope  there a Mothers Day in Heaven." His mother died not too long ago. My heart really was touched and his words brought tears to my eyes.
Vince i believe mothers are especially loved and honored in heaven.
I sure do and I know without a doubt your mama is loved and honoured.
I am sure our little Andrew has already met and made friends with your mom.
Tonight I created a piece of art from those words from your heart.
"I wonder is thereHope there is a Mothers Day is heaven."
This piece is in honour of your mom.

I am also entering this in the Altered Pages Mixed Elements Challenge- Use 1. Metal 2. Paper 3. Ink  to make a collage.

The main image is an angel i painted a few years ago, there is a flocked paper that it is adhered to, i used Metal for the embossed butterfly that was embossed and cut out by me along with the heart and star brads are metal.
The ink is the blue and purples that I stamped the little tiny butterflies with.
Layer upon layer.

Take care

Art on,
L. ANg

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flutters- The Robin's Nest- PaperArtist Design Team Call

PaperArtist ......DESIGN TEAM CALL..... PAPERARTISTE , Does that not describe me???? The company is called  The Robin's Nest. The blog is HERE.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I am a mixed media artist that loves, i mean really loves Paper. I love making cards and books and anything mini.
So without further ...hmmmm....further adieu! Let me begin!
In about 5 minutes it will officially be Mothers Day. Money is tight. I have alot of supplies SO for the very first time ever i created a very special card for my husbands mom.
ITS SO ELEGANT AND BEAUTIFUL. It has a matching butterfly sleeve envelope and card.
First lets gather our supplies

YOUR favorite scrapbook paper ( I used Stella Ruby by Basic Grey and Vintage Valentine by fancy pants), ribbons, blank card , and a envelope/card template (Anna Griffith) and your Artiste toolbox (tape,scissors,pencils etc.

Rubber Stamps of your choosing. I used a Butterfly set from Hampton Arts
 Working with Waterbased markers are alot of fun.  Most of them come with a brush end, and you start coloring on your rubber stamp, choosing colors that compliment whatever paper you have chosen. I worked with Bamboo by Letraset and the set of Grunge by Tim Holtz. Once i colored the image i had a small spray misting bottle and i misted the stamp and stamp on WC paper. Pretty eh?

Letting them dry, I then cut my paper to fit my card. The thing about any art project , whether it be scrapbooking or card making, its all about layering. Play around with composition, you will begin to feel the right way, and by right way I mean your right way, your true inner self.
I went back to my stamp images, my favorite part was the butterfly, i layered the markers and used a brush with a little water to blend the image, i then used my Sakura Stardust Pen to give it some glimmer. I just love my bling and glimmer.  This particular butterfly image has been heat embossed (i  will go into that another time however if you need for me to explain the right away, leave me a comment) I then used some gloss medium to go over the Sakura Stardust and it gives it more depth and really blings that glitter
See how pretty and shiny it looks, SO gorgeous! I arted two of them and then layered them popping one off another making them 3-D. I then put it all together, one piece of paper on top of another, added a piece of pretty ribbon and 3 little flower brads .
The envie was made from a template, I then rubberstamp the same images randomly on the inside and outside. Again everything compliments each other, Repeat Repeat and Repeat, it brings it all together.

The card itself looks like a precious gift waiting to be opened!
And Indeed it is a gift, words of love for Mutti.
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and will come back to visit!
Art on sistahs~!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday Tip by Angie

Creative PaperClay is such a fun product to work with! Its easy,fun, and requires NO baking. It has minimal smell.

It reminds me of my childhood time, when Clay was my best friend. Creative Paperclay takes it UP a notch ! Its fun for grownups and kids alike to play with. Release that inner child I say!

Let your heart and soul soar with some FUN!

So my tip........Keep a little spritizer bottle filled with WARM water in it. Paperclay does crack at times, what i found helps is when you feel it drying out, give it a little spritz with warm water and work it into the clay. If it should crack, spritiz it and create something called "slip" (slip is a fancy name when the clay takes on a watery consistency.) Once the clay is a bit watery take your finger and smooth it out, creating a seamless look.
Drying times.......Let it dry slowly. It helps with the cracking. The process going from a moldable clay to a hard clay too quickly causes more cracks. The lucky thing...the cracks are easily fixed if they should happen.

Art on my friends,