Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Painted Messenger Canvas Bags by Me . Interested in your very own???? Lets talk! And remember no matter what SHINE your own creative path Art on sistahs! L. ANg


malin said...

your bags are gorgeous, and the day I can spend more money on frivolous things like art, I´m getting one! :)

re: really, really - no need for awesome presents (though everything I´ve ever received from you has been awesome... :P) I love making things for you, and I have a hard time knowing when to stop. also, I wanted to make up for some of the things that got lost in the mail. and also - when we have traded before, you´ve sent lots of stuff, I guess this was my turn to bring the stuff... if I had known it would make you uncomfortable, I´d tried to restrain myself, and maybe talk you into doing two trades instead of one...^-^

Proxxon Tools said...

stopped by todday to see your submission to be on the robin nest dt

JourneyGirl said...

I love these so much. You are so very talented. I took a mixed n=media class not to long ago and really enjoed it. I have to finsh the entire book now. We made the books ourselves with watercolor paper.Thank you for the eye candy!!!!