Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday Tip by Angie

Creative PaperClay is such a fun product to work with! Its easy,fun, and requires NO baking. It has minimal smell.

It reminds me of my childhood time, when Clay was my best friend. Creative Paperclay takes it UP a notch ! Its fun for grownups and kids alike to play with. Release that inner child I say!

Let your heart and soul soar with some FUN!

So my tip........Keep a little spritizer bottle filled with WARM water in it. Paperclay does crack at times, what i found helps is when you feel it drying out, give it a little spritz with warm water and work it into the clay. If it should crack, spritiz it and create something called "slip" (slip is a fancy name when the clay takes on a watery consistency.) Once the clay is a bit watery take your finger and smooth it out, creating a seamless look.
Drying times.......Let it dry slowly. It helps with the cracking. The process going from a moldable clay to a hard clay too quickly causes more cracks. The lucky thing...the cracks are easily fixed if they should happen.

Art on my friends,

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