Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Capacity to heal and love

Dec 20 2011 we said goodbye to our dear Sasha , our hearts grieved for our dear friend who unconditionally loved my husband for 15 yrs and loved me for 11 yrs.
The days leading up to her death, we knew it was our last days together.
That was really hard.
So for my first art project on the Creative PaperClay Design Team I am posting something VERY simple.
Its a simple project that will continue to touch our hearts for years to come.

Take a ball of Creative PaperClay , flatten out into a circle, Mine is about 2inches , take your little furry friend paw and press into the PaperClay. EASY! I then washed Sasha's paw really well with warm water and doggie shampoo, as i don't fully know the properties of the PaperClay and wanted to make sure Sasha was safe.
See i told you it was going to be simple. <3

I can honestly say my husband and i love this imprint of our friend who so strongly left a huge imprint on our hearts.

And just because our hearts have the capacity to heal and to love again I want to formally introduce
Bella, our new puppy, only 10 days old and SO much a part of hearts already.

Art does not have to be complicated, it only has to come from the heart!

L. ANg


Imagine Go Create said...

You never get over the death of a loved one, it just becomes easier to bear. I like the color of your clay. Your impression reminds me of a sunlit rock at the beach, surrounded by tide pools, with little puddles of water resting within the paw print.

J C said...

OMG What an awesome post. I will do that. I have sculpty that I was JUST ABOUT TO THROW AWAY when I read this post. Our doggie will have an imprint now. I won't tell my husband. They love each other like crazy. One day I will give it to him. Thank you Ang. Wonderful pics of you and your heart pets. xoxo