Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative PaperClay Design Team

Imagine a lonely soul. tears streaming down her face, needing a voice.
11 years ago that is what i felt like. Deep within my soul i believed in the power of healing.
Through the tears i became an artist. I am really proud of this. I am proud of ME!
I can get all sentimental, thats just who i am. So Yes i am really proud of being selected for the
Creative PaperClay Design Team.  I sorta stumbled on this great product by accident. You know clicking here, leads you to there, etc etc etc. Well last summer i clicked on a Facebook Like Page which lead me to a contest of who could get the most likes for their page, SO i asked my dear art friends to help me win free product and guess what.... I WON by a landslide! I love my art friends.
Thank you cuz see where that accidental stumble led me?

Art on Sistahs!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well over a year ago i won a set of Shiva Paintstiks. And in a lonely drawer they set.
Until today. I am home sick from work with a back that just won't stop hurting. So to get my mind off my woes i cut out a messenger bag from a pattern. Instead of sewing it together right away i painted the front part.
I dusted off those Shiva Paintstiks. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
They are creamy and dreamy and beautiful and they blend!!!!!!
I am SO going to use these more!

Art on Sistahs,

Monday, April 09, 2012

WHAT if I???

See thats the question I am always asking myself when creating art. What if i added this? What if i did this? Always pushing myself to learn and explore. For me, that is art, the essence of making art.

So this tutorial is all about that. My question first started out as, How can I use my Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink on Creative PaperClay. Creative PaperClay is porous and the inks are made for Non-porous surfaces. The blog was sending out a design team call, so I thought well lets even take this one step further for me.

So without further ado here is the more awesome Creative PaperClay and Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks treasures i created!

1. Roll and Cut out different shapes of Creative PaperClay, there are even a few in there that are the size of an Artist trading Card!!!!!! I then used some Hand Carved Rubber Stamps and a few commercial stamps to imprint into the clay (if you want an imprint do this before it dries).

2. Let it dry! Now some put a light book or something on top so that it dries flat.
I found out something new, I just let it dry normally and then I ironed them. YES ironed them flat, on the silk temp, and i ironed right on top!

3. Once dry I used some Triple Thick Embossing Glaze and brushed a layer on the PaperClay. Not too thick but enough that it is shiny on top, its really really important you let this dry.

4. Here is a picture of the supplies I used.
A. Creative PaperClay
B. Triple Thick Embossing Glaze
C. Tim Holtz Alcohol inks
D. Sakura Glaze Pens
E. Krylon Gold Leafing pen (not shown)
F. Handcarved Rubber stamps, commercial stamps
G. A black permanent marker (not shown)

5. Its time to have FUN! Drip, splatter, paint and scribble the inks all over the Creative Paperclay. Since you are not needing to stay in the lines, have fun! Let the painting become intuitive! The Triple thick embossing Glaze makes the Clay NON-porous so alcohol inks and the Sakura Glaze pens are perfect for this technique.
I used the Krylon Gold Leafing to accentuate different parts of the imprinted stamps. I used the permanent marker also in this way.

Ultimately i probably will put a hole in the Creative PaperClay and attach a pretty ribbon. I love to give so these will be given out to family or friends or if you see one you love, leave me a comment and lets trade art for art.

And don't forget to ask WHAT IF I? You never know whats just around your souls corner.

Take care everyone!
Art on sistahs!