Friday, February 24, 2012

Cupcake Cards

I promise i am going to start updating my blog more frequently. I promise.
I went back to work fulltime almost three years ago and have very little time for internet stuff. I would rather spend my time making art. SO how about this from NOW on, i will post new art.
Yummy art love.

Am making cupcake art for the CUPCAKE EXTRAVAGANZA If you are in the Hamilton area you are invited, you do not want to miss this!!!!!!!!! Its going to be fun.

NOW if you can't come we have an awesome zine for sale.
It can all be found on the site. A zine is like a magaZINE, it's a mini magazine.

If thats not your cup of tea i have really gorgeous cupcake birthday cards for sale, (i can also make a congragulations, best wishes , really any greeting on it you want)

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