Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art and Life

HI everyone!!! Life of course has taken a lovely turn. And I am glad i can say its taken a lovely turn. I am now teaching at art workshops!!!! I have a gig in Paris Ontario this coming week-end. And another in March. Can you imagine???? Me teaching my passion. I am just so honored.

I have a painting thats going to be an exhibit called "100 Years - Internation Womens Day" In a gallery here in Ontario. That has been quite exciting.
100 Women from all over the World, celebrating what it means to be a woman.
The painting is called "Free to be Me" And to tell the truth what woman doesn't want to feel free to be whoever they want.

Along with that I have been making these adorable card sets. They have five cards, along with pretty embossed envelopes. They come in a wonderful little box. What an awesome gift for that someone you just don't know what to give to, or to a teacher, really just about anyone. I make them custom, thank you, birthday,thinking of you and just a little note. OR a mixture.
If anyone is interested they are only $18.00 USD.

I continue to make my silk wallets, and now have a huge array of colors.

I am a busy girl. Life is good

Art on sistahs!



Imagine Go Create said...

Hi Ang:

I like the ethereal look of some of your work. How is teaching going? How did you get your gigs?

Sandi aka PaperLady

Sandy Ang said...

lovely !