Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Creative PaperClay TIPS

Creative Paperclay is alot of fun to play and experiment with! Here is what i did yesterday. Grabbed my fav supplies, pretty rubber stamps and Creative Paperclay.
I impressed the rubberstamp into the clay, using water as a release. What this mean is rub a small bit of water over the entire stamp, once impressed into the clay it will come out easier. While the clay was moist I gently cut out the butterfly. TIP: WHILE THE CLAY IS MOIST PINCH AND GENTLY MOLD THE BUTTERFLY WINGS, SO WHEN THEY DRY THEY HAVE A DIMENSIONAL LOOK TO THEM. IT MAKES THE WINGS LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE JUST LANDED!
Once painted these will look really pretty and dimensional. The finished project is for later this month. STAY TUNED. Art on, ANg

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