Saturday, June 01, 2013

Return to Zero

Please click on link to make the pledge
My name is Angie or as most of  my online friends know me, ANg, my mom and dad call me daughter, my sister, calls me sissypoo, my neices and nephews call me Aunt Geegee. My husband calls me, mama, sweets, lover girl, friend and Ang.

My son, calls me Mama, He is on the other side. He died October 22, 2001, almost 12 years ago.  His name is Andrew.

Somewhere along the line of being a bereaved mama, i have become an activist, an educator.

I talk to social workers, i talk to doctors, i speak at work about my experience and have met so many women that are battling the death of their child and trying to incorporate that into their lives. This week i had the honor of listening to the story of a woman who is exploring the possiblity she may have permanent infertility.

Somehow or another we have stopped telling our story as a societal whole.
And if we tell our story, mine is 12 yrs in the making then i must not be "getting over the death of Andrew:" or i must not have found "closure".

Please know love does not get over, love does not find closure.
Love goes on and on and on, even in death.

There is movie called "Return to Zero" It is about "RETURN TO ZERO is based on the true story of a successful couple preparing for the arrival of their first child. Just weeks before their due date they discover that their son has died in the womb and will be stillborn. Lives and relationship forever altered by the loss, they try to cope through denial, escape and alcohol, but nothing can save their marriage. And that's when they discover that they're again pregnant (from a last ditch 'save the marriage' getaway to Las Vegas), and must come together to face a turbulent and terrifying pregnancy" ~

I have become a local leader and all that means is i have pledged to spread the word about this film. Breaking open the societal silence. I am asking each of you to pledge to see the movie if it should come to your hometown and please please when pledging use my name as the local leader you are under. This requires a quick name address etc, no money is involed just you pledge to see this film.
Imagine the compassion you will learn. Please in memory of every little boy and girl who have died and the families left behind, please sign the pledge, by doing so it could possibly be shown in all theaters.

"Ang Westermann"
Here is the link - RETURN TO ZERO



Pamela Joy Purses said...

Dear ANg, How touched I am to read your story and your commitment to share this Post so others can learn and know they are not alone. I support you 100 + % , hugggs, Pamelaaaaa

Els said...

You are one of at least four friends who live with the loss of their infant child, a pain I cannot imagine, and a hole with which I am clueless to help. The thing I find most astounding about the human heart is our ability to go on after such unfathomable loss; to laugh and breath and love.

I will certainly sign the pledge, and will pass this post on to others so they may join the effort to help in the ongoing healing of your community of survivors.

J C said...

Dearest Ang, your post is so right. The grief never really goes away, one does not "get over it". Complete healing does not occur. I fail to understand why anyone would think that. I cannot pledge to see the movie if it comes here because I personally don't go to movie theaters (for a very good reason)but if it does I will pass the word wherever I can. Best of luck to you. xoxo