Wednesday, May 01, 2013

And Furthermore!

Hi my lovelies! Remember last week i wrote a post about SHAMED BY SOCIETY- FREE TO BE ME

Then I saw this video REAL BEAUTY DOVE SKETCHES -  A video designed and with the intention of having women celebrate their own beauty.

And of course it led me to DO THEY EVEN KNOW REAL BEAUTY?

I just want to add there is this misconception that if a woman has acceptance for her body, especially if she is fat, then she has to be unhealthy and is promoting being unhealthy. Its not the same thing! Its a basic human right to be treated with respect, fat, skinny, tall, short etc. Its ok to give thyself permission to love your body . PERIOD END!
So today, this moment in time give yourself permission for self love, for body image love, give your body a hug everyday from YOU.

TONIGHT  I found the most awesome site  THE BODY IMAGE PROJECT.

What follows are  DIRECT Quotes  from "The Body Image Project" I could not have said it better, Jes you are a hero!

"Body Image(s)" is a photography series by Jes of JSPhotography that showcases the many sizes, shapes, and shades of beauty.

We often lose ourselves within the concept that the ideal body image is unilateral; that it excludes all save a few. The reality is though, that when you step away from societal norms, you start to see that “ideal” is relative and that beauty is ubiquitous. There is no “right” or “wrong” shape or size; Kate Moss is just as stunning as the “Venus of Willendorf” and vice a versa . This is not a personal opinion, but rather a fact.

By photographing the diversity of the female body, Jes' hopes were to empower women by embracing all beauty and educating others while eradicating exclusivity.  Wondering if she could gather a dozen volunteers to bare their skin, she was overwhelmed when her mailbox filled with women willing to embrace body acceptance and self love.

This series has turned into a two way gift. A gift to the photographer, as the models donated their time and offered an intimate invitation to be photographed, and a gift from the photographer as the images were given to each model as visual proof of their exquisiteness. Each session was lovely, but as they progressed, Jes noticed that each woman left with a renewed self-confidence. This, she felt, was the greatest outcome she could have hoped for.

This project is still living, breathing, and growing so check back regularly for new images"

To all my woman friends, I am hugging each of you.

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J C said...

I went to the Body Image Project, and I am proud of those women who embrace themselves, as we all should. I did have to chuckle a little though, wondering how this photographer was able to get my picture there. Well,just kidding but I certainly belong there. Applause, applause for your post, for the photographer, and for the models.

You know what really bothers me..its those photos that go around the internet of subjects supposedly in Walmart. These people are human, and are being exploited as if they were simple trash. But they are mothers, and fathers, and sisters and they have hearts and love and spirit. Shame on those who exploit their photos. I know of a business owner who prints them out and posts the pictures in the ladies room of his business. Shame!