Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 and Altering Paper Flowers

WOW 2013 has been an interesting year already. I am SO excited and have so much news to share with you.

This year beginning in February I will be taking GRIEF COACHING CERTIFICATION . OMG! I am beyond excited.

I am also enrolled in some art courses. One of them dollmaking. YIPS and SQUEALS!

And i am busy applying to a couple of Design Teams, I am finding I am really loving the inspiration that flows through a team.

Alot of wonderful and fun energy flowing around me.

There is so much more. I will save that for another time.

Onward to a wonderful art tutorial.

I love Paper Flowers. However I don't always have the colors I need or want.

As a mixed media artist the wonderful notion is that I have ALL the supplies to make them any colors I want.

Gorgeous eh?

And its really alot of fun and pretty easy.

Get our your favorite Paper Flowers,I started out with a Country Blue color. they can be bought anywhere, including the dollar tree now and days,

For these particular ones, I gave them a nice even quick Spritz of the Cadillac Pink

Let it dry completely.

Now start to play with some Mica powder, there are lots of different powders. To be honest my favorite is Pearl EX  and I bought some awesome glitter Makeup, mixed it with any kind of glaze. . YES its that easy.
Add a pretty brad and ribbon and you have gorgeous embellishments for your next Mixed media Art.

Stay tuned as soon I will have a pretty nifty mixed media piece of fun using my "Altered Paper Flowers."

Other ideas. Paint with the Lacquer, once dry use Alcohol Inks to paint the flowers.
Dry brush acrylic paint onto the petals. Get out all that fun glitter.
Its ALL about the glimmer for me.
Ink Sprays, watercolor paint, and any oyher lovely wet medium can be used.

Use that wonderful Cratfy imagination!
Art on,

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