Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shine Brave Goddess

HI my arty friends,

Building on my last post of COOPER STAMPING and ALTERING PAPERFLOWERS , we are going to put it all together to create what I call my "SHINE BRAVE GODDESS. 2013 IS GOING TO BE A VERY IMPORTANT YEAR FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to SHINE, I am going to be Brave and I am going to manifest all of this through my Goddess Work.

OKAY on to the project:

This is with different lighting, so you can see it changes as you look at it, as the sun or light plays on the art.

OH MY GOODNESS! Isn't she pretty?
Its an altered piece of Matboard. It can be framed or I could put a nice ribbon on it and hang it.
Rubber StampS of your choice. I selected WOMAN IN REPOSE I also used some pretty floral border stamps and some alphabet stamps. I do not have links to these as I long ago lost the packaging.
Copper Sheets
StazOn Black Inkpad
Black Sharpie
Pretty ScrapBook Paper.

FUN Tutorial

Please refer to the top of this post on how to Copper Stamp and How to create the Altered PaperFlowers.

1. The Matboard measure 5x7, the piece of scrapbook paper measure i/4 inch smaller all of way around and the Copper another 1/4 inch smaller all the way around.
Cut out all these pieces.
2. Emboss Copper using any embossing method you want, whether its by machine or hand embossing, both of these methods are called dry embossing.  For this particular embossing I used my Sizzix machine and my CuttleBug embossing folders. What this does is once embossed and I begin the Copper Heating it will give the colours lights and darks that will fall into the valleys of the embossing. YUM!
Step 2- Emboss (dry)
3. Being Copper Heating - Copper Heating is fun to play with. WARNING: It's a conductor of heat, so be very careful when heating it up, always use tongs to hold the sheet. Hold the copper sheet with a pair of tongs, hold the sheet approx 1 1/2 - 2 inches, away from the flame. I used my stove flame. As the copper heats up, the copper miraculously changes colours. You will see lovely colours of gold, oranges , reds and pinks. It truly is gorgeous to see! This will happen rather quickly. 20 seconds at the most. Once you see the color start to change, stop. You will be tempted to continue, however if you see the Copper becoming washed out, almost silver really STOP! Really! Trust me, it won't be as pretty.Let it cool.
4. Stamp your image into the center of the Copper.
Close-up of the Pretty Copper Heating.
5. Make a pretty Altered PaperFlower- Again the link is at the beginning of this post.
6. Then I took a black Sharpie and painted along the edges and corners, immediately smearing the ink into the embossed areas. I wanted an aged look. I had to do this several times to build up the layers to achieve the look you want.
7. If you notice I rubberstamped The Words Shine Brave Goddess with StazOn Black Ink
"GODDESS" stamping
8.Tape the scrapbook Paper to the Matboard, rubber stamp some pretty flowers along the border
9. I then cut a small strip of Cooled Heated Copper and attached it to the right side on the Copper Sheet using MIRACLE TAPE and pretty brads.
10.Position the Pretty Altered PaperFlower to the left top corner, put a pretty brad in each corner.
11.Attached the copper to the Scrapbook Paper using MIRACLE TAPE

Art on my friends,
L. ANg

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