Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shame induced by Society - Free to be Me

I came across an article this week on FaceBook. Mocking a Fat Person, its about a Fat girl who set up with a friend and had that friend take pictures of people looking at her. Its a really interesting article, its about how people look at a Fat person and feel entitled to make faces, say things, and or make gestures concerning " FATNESS".  There is over 200 comments, which are just as interesting to read.
Some of them include -"'Projection"   She is "projecting" what she thinks others are thinking about her."
Some go on tirades about how a fat person is unhealthy and delusional in thinking that she could not be even remotely or possibly happy or healthy being fat. ETC. ETC.

Personally, I have had people blantantly make fun of me, as i am a fat woman.
I have had my husband witness it, I have had my sister and her husband and my nieces and nephews witness it.  Old men have made gestures, young kids have laughed at me, group of young adult boys have said awful things to me. And i certainly was not projecting, I knew and anyone around me knew what they were referring to.
What always surprises me is that why do these people think they have the right to bully me?
When it has happened it has produced feelings of guilt and shame. Society has a lovely way of doing that.

This young woman has taken that shame and turned her response around to creatively starting a world wide web of conversation.

So i am going to talk about this. As a fat girl i have the right to be on this earth, much like a skinny girl, much like an Indian person who has dark skin. I have the  right to live and breathe the same air as anyone else.
Much like a grieving person, they have the right to grieve exactly as they need to, without shame, guilt, fear of judgement etc. People are people, they are different, individual and yet we ALL belong here.

Lets make a conscious decision together, ok?  Enjoy our differences, Embrace each other just as we are.
It will change your life, and it will change the world.

The above art piece was created by me, its called "Free to be Me" It was in an exhibit here in Ontario, celebrating the 100 annversary of the 'International Womens Day"
The curator told me a story of a class that made a trip to view the 100 paintings.
They were between the ages of 8-12. One little boy called the curator over and said someone had written on my painting. I don't think you can see it, but on her green shirt i wrote the word "BELLY", and painted an arrow pointing to her belly.
The reason i did this was to bring attention to an area that causes alot of shame for women. Our bellies.
Oh the shame of this eh?
We rock our babies on our bellies, our lovers lay their head on our belly after sweet lovemaking.
Our bodies are sacred, Every little or BIG part of them.
Lets promote love and honour for each other.
Its really important.