Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fairy Realm

I love anything to do with the Fairy Realm.

This card is again a celebration of a fairy and the enchantment of them.

Take a piece of watercolor paper, mix together some Blue and a wee bit of black, have a little army green on the side, I am talking about Watercolor paints.
Wet the entire piece of paper and drop in the colors of paints and while the paint is wet, sprinkle salt in the wet salt.
Let it dry and then rub the salt off.
The stamp the images using any kind of dark black pigment ink. I find it much darker.
Add a piece of ribbon . I just love to embellish cards. Add a small gold brad and a lovely layered card is born
Always remember to be enchanted by life, find wonderful moments to make you smile.

Art on my fairy friends,