Friday, November 15, 2013

Goddess and Angel Gurls

Angel #1

As promised here are the angel and goddess gurls, for sale.
They are 5 for $20.00, Size A2 - 4.25 inches x 5.50 inches, they come with a envelope.
They have been professional printed on linen cardstock.This makes the print match the actual art,  like a the painting and reminds me of the watercolor that I begin all my paintings with.
I am also working on a calendar, there will be a goddess/angel gurl for each month, with the calendar part being hand made by me. The size would 8.50 inches by 11 inches , which does not include the calendar part. These would be $28.00. I would have to at least get 10 orders of these to do another print run, as the first run is ALL but sold, I have 8 more left. SO if you are interested in these let me know ASAP.

Shipping for the cards is $3.50 and for calendars is $5.00, I charge actual shipping cost.
Monies can be sent through paypal. My email is altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
The wonderful part you get to choose which angel/goddess gurls you want.
SO you can pick  5 different ones or you can have all the same, it does not matter.
Rocking cool eh?

Goddess #2
Goddess #5
If you are interested please email me - altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
To my art friends, I am always interested in a trade, only for the cards, as the calendars would be too costly .
Art on my lovies and Merry Christmas! And OHHHHHHHHHHH I make Christmas cards also, Crafty Artisans type. Very pretty. Let me know if you are interested in those as I can post some pics.

L. ANg


rubberpenny said...

Hiya Ang
Long time no see, glad to see you are still making your art, miss the old days, and love your latest postings.
Penny Miles

J C said...

These are beautiful Ang, as your work always is. Hope you sell lots and lots. xo