Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well! Lots and lots have happened since I last posted.

MIKE GOT A JOB! Ever thankful for this miracle and for every small miracle that happens. As the winter days come, I am thankful that I started my Christmas Cards and my 2015 Calendar back in the summer, as I am dealing with some serious hand issues.

Here are a few of the designs that will be in the calendar. Its going to be beautiful. So my calendars are $25.00 and if preorder prior to Dec 1/14 you receive a set of my Goddess cards with envelops. Shipping is actual cost. So that will range from 4-6 dollars. (Canada Post went up) :(

Here are a few art pieces that are destined to be in the calendar. All parts of this calendar was created by me, the angels, the quotes, all my heart and soul went into it. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak.

Please leave me a comment I would love to have my art in your home.

Heart hugs,

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J C said...

Oh girl. These are so beautiful. You have a real knack for awesome color. If you post a link here to your facebook I will be able to follow you, if it is public. I couldn't post, but I could at least find you. Happy New Year my friend. xoxo