Sunday, August 24, 2014


For the last month or so I have been on a really deep soul searching, life altering heart path. Something happened at the beginning of summer that was sad to me, and it was sad to my husband.
Like most life lessons they are learned whether we want to or not.

I have a tendency to hold onto harsh moments in my life. So I prayed to the Mother Goddess to show me how I can "Just be" When I feel myself reliving harsh moments, I pray my "Just Be" prayer. A reminder to stay in the moment, a reminder that all is not lost. That I can "just be" in the moment and enjoy whatever joys that moment can bring.

I have to be honest, It was not easy. I released Facebook, I released it. I no longer am on there, now I may go back, I miss my art friends and the inspiration. However the drama drives me crazy, SO maybe something like Flickr would serve that for me better.

And I just discovered by signing into Goodreads I reactivated my Facebook. ~sighs~

Anywho I will work it out. Here is a journal page I did while mulling all this over.

Take care and ART on !



Giggles said...

I'm sorry something or someone hurt you! I hope you are able to work through it to find peace... Very good to see you back your journal page!

Hugs Giggles

Giggles said...

Why don't you join us at paint party friday a lot of nice artist over there and it will take up the void of facebook!

Hugs Giggles

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Angie
I am on the trodden path, one of the gals in the T.A.P. project canvas group #1.
I am so sorry you have been through some deep soul moments. I had to throw myself upon God many times in my life, knowing He is there to care for His children He has created. I know maybe this would be a bit different than what you may experience for yourself, so I don't want to intrude upon your own belief, but I know Jesus is the one I had to turn my life over to, as I know I cannot sustain myself except by letting it all go and having peace fill my heart. Yes, letting go gives peace in all cases, wherever you can find that peace within your own life, I am thinking of you.
Oh, and if you 'gift' the canvas on to the next person, I know you can do that as that is how I have sent things from California to people, and other artist friends who live in Canada. It saves about half of the shipping expense.
Be blessed. We are all in this together, our lives, our trials, our challenges.
All I know is, I care for all people everywhere, humanity, the same things touch us all.
This is one reason I decided to do the T.A.P. canvas as it unites so many gals in many different places on Earth.
Teresa in California