Sunday, July 15, 2012


WOW can i just say i am PUPPY tired. I must have the smartest puppy in the world. She learned to sit in 24 hrs. Has learned to walk with her leash and me within minutes (she found out people thought her to be quite cute, and she loves the attention). She loves to swim, loves to play and is very very active.

LOL She looks like she is in jail! She really does well in her crate, sleeps the whole night through and is quite content. Trust me she spends very little time in there. We keep her very active. A happy puppy is a tired puppy.

 I am in the middle of cleaning my art space. WOW i have a lot of stuff. But i have some big commissions coming up and feel more inspired to create with a clean/organized space. Tomorrow morning am off to the beach for an hr or so to collect some rocks and then will work on it some more in the afternoon, i hope to have it done by then. AND then my husband gave me these IKEA wooden CD shelves and i plan on altering them to hang on the wall so i can put organize a little more. BIG happy grins!!

 So before i go, how about a little fun art.
Graphtints Derwent

Derwent Graphtints

Graffiti inspired, markers

Graffiti inspired , markers

Art is so much fun!~ L. ANg

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Pamela Joy Purses said...

jOY ...LOVE ANg I love your exspressive lettering go girl!!!