Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

I am a couple days behind my scheduled Creative PaperClay post, for that i apologize! Life is VERY busy right now with our 8 wk old puppy. And Yes I am completely in LOVE with her.

But as they say the show must go on....LOL

Today this tutorial is inspired by nature. A few months ago my family and I went to the Butterfly Conservatory here in Niagara Falls. (If you ever get a chance to go to a Butterfly exhibit please do so, its truly magical)

Here are a few gorgeous pictures that inspired me and perhaps inspire you.

They say Mother Nature never lies. How true, colors are perfectly matched and so pretty.

Today I am working with "Delight - AirDry Modeling Clay" Its abit different than "Creative PaperClay" ,
                                                     1. The color is snow white and it dries white.
                                                     2. Its is very lightweight.
Its also similar!

                                                    1. It's an airdry clay. No firing, no baking is needed!
                                                    2. Takes paint, any paint, very well!

I did not take a picture of the beginning, but its rather simple, take a piece of clay and roll it into a ball. (Depends on how big you want your bowl to be will determine the size of the ball of clay)

Begin to mold it into a bowl. I took one of my old bowls to help me mold my clay around the bowl so that I could get the size right.

Once I got the size i wanted I took my favorite rubber stamp of a butterfly and stamp directly into the clay to leave an impression. I then painted it completely black.

I gathered a few fun supplies, some mica pearl ex powders , an old paintbrush. and some acrylic meadium.

I then began to layer the different pearl ex powders by mixing them with the acrylic medium.
****Sidenote - Acrylic medium can really be anything: elmers glue, golden gel medium, mod podge. Mica powders need something to make them stick to whatever you are painting them on, and if you can't afford Mica powders -  Use your old eye shadows! Create your own Mica Powders by mixing them with a little glitter!*****

When doing this kind of layering you either have to work fast or wait for each layer to dry!

And as always i love to embellish, "Delight" is really nice , I was able to put holes in it to hang the little leaves on it and it does not crack.

I initially made this for my workstation to put paperclips in it, to remind me of the beauty of nature, the grace of a butterfly and to remind me Mother Nature never lies! (grins) My mom had other ideas.....she took it home with her. LOL

Art on my friends,


Imagine Go Create said...

Good tutorial for air dry clay, like DAS, too. I like your suggestion about old eye shadow. About making the glitter powder. Are you saying just add it to some acrylic medium of choice? So that would be like glitter glue? Using eye shadow would be more like the iridescent powders effect? I think those will be fun experiments to try.

I like how you incorporated your personal experience into your tutorial. And your mother just went shopping huh, without even spending money, lol!

altermyworld said...

Sandi yes glitter glue would work fabulously. So sorry for the late reply, i must have overlooked this.
LOL Yup my mom went shopping. LOL

J C said...

This bowl is beautiful. It looks like a piece of raku. xo

J C said...

This bowl is beautiful. It looks like a piece of raku. xo

Pamela Joy Purses said...

this is very cool, do you have videos??